Friday, November 9, 2012

How to install windows 8 Themes on Previous Versions of Windows

Windows 8 Themes on Previous Versions

With the launch of Windows 8, Windows have Succeeded in developing a craze about it's new looks in the User's Mind. The Themes available for windows are awesome, Windows provide many of the Windows 8 Themes on the Windows Theme Gallery.

The extension of windows theme(s) is .themepack but windows have given a new extension .deskthemepack for the new windows 8 Themes. While There are some themes that are panoramic and will work only with a windows 8 machine as dual screen. Below you can see and Understand More Easily.

But The other's whom you think  cant be opened in machines with the previous versions that do not support the .deskthemepack extension can be used by you. This extension is just another form of archive by windows. These files can be easily opened by The 7-Zip Utility that is also known for it's Compression. You can download it here. And is available open source.

How to apply the Windows 8 Theme

Download any of the theme from the Windows Theme Gallery. Now after having your desired theme Change the file extension to .7z from the one it was by default. Now open this File from the 7 Zip Utility Software, Now extract the file to your desktop or any specific folder. After gelling all the images extracted you can either use them one by one as your background or just go to the desktop background from the control panel and then browse for the folder where you have located your theme and use them all together.

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