Friday, November 23, 2012

How to reduce your bounce rate

How to Reduce Your Traffic Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate can be Easily Understood by the following situation. You search on google for something and you get the results. You choose a link and then open it. You find the content not of your need and then you close it. In the other case the thing you got was of your need but you closed that because you did not find anything interesting in it. In some other case you read the whole article/post got what you need and then closed the blog/site. In every above case again and again I mentioned that the that the blog/site was closed after viewing just a single post by the author, And this isn’t a good way to judge, but when it’s blogging for the bloggers it is their mistake that the reader didn’t read the full article and then closed the tab. This again and again bouncing back of traffic is known as the bounce rate. The problem with your blog/site was that you gave what your readers want but you had been unable to bind them with your blog. You didn’t give them anything interesting so that they find your content unique, and attractive.
For decreasing your bounce Rate you should try the following three things.

Use of Linkwithin

Linkwithin is a widget for bloggers and all the other webmasters that give a thumbnail and the title preview of any other post related to the current post. This widget is usually placed such that it gives the previews of 3,4 or 5 related posts as desired by the admin of the blog. It provides such links to the other posts in two forms have a look at them below.

This widget is extremely famous among bloggers. It gives the links to your old posts and brings them again in front of your readers and hence make your posts evergreen. When a reader reads the whole article and then reaches to the end. When he is at the verge of closing your article he just sees a preview or a link of some other related posts. This stops him from closing your blog and makes him jump to another post. If you have placed 5 links at the bottom then the reader will select at least one from them to read it.  This makes him spend more time on your blog. Again when he reaches at the bottom of your post, the same process is repeated again and again. If it happens five times with one reader then this makes your traffic multiply by five times. Linkwithin is preferred at large scale because it creates a match with almost every template and blogger layout and shows your killer titles with it. And so it as a major thing that helps you reduce your bounce rate.

Building Internal Links in Your Posts

Your Posts must be inter connected with each other. Your every post must contain as many text links to your another posts of the same category that you are talking about. This simply mean that the text in your every post must be hyper-linked with another post with relevant subject as that of the keyword you have linked. This helps your readers as whenever they are unable to understand a term, there a link to a detailed post is always available. On the  other hand this helps you as your post might also be opened or accessed through this link.  And Increase your page-views. If you are good at this work and you have a lot of content for your blog then you will be able to build a big web for you and then stick your readers on your blog for hours. Remember that these links should open in new tabs, understand the Blog Cycle and also learn how to get most from a single blog post.

Your Content

The last thing you Should Focus Upon is your content. The Content of Your Blog must be attractive and it should have enough power that if all the above methods fail then your readers should trust you enough that they don’t Hesitate to browse through all your posts and select them for reading one by one. And never forget to use Good relevant and killer titles.

Decreasing your Bounce Rate is very important for you and your blog. When your first time visitor comes to your blog then because of the above mentioned points, your visitors will read 5 posts by you if they had come to read one. When this happens with them they will definitely subscribe you for future and so that they don’t even a single article from you. And here you develop another way to increase permanent traffic for your blog.